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Registration Terms

Terms and definitions

Portal – internet-portal сметчик.рф.

User – the person who passed registration on portal and have rights to explore and post information.

Moderator – authorized person who have rights to post and moderate information on portal.

Administrator – authorized person who have rights to post, moderate, delete any information on portal.


1.1. The person who register on portal agree with the rules.

1.2. Ignorance of the rules doesn’t exempt users from the need to fulfill them.

1.3. All information on the portal has information purpose. Administration isn’t responsible for any information on the portal.

Create thread and posting messages

2.1. Every user has rights to create topics which corresponds to terms and doesn’t contradict the main subject of portal. Topics mustn’t repeat another one.

2.2. The name of the topic must be clearly and contain the main question.

2.3. If there many topics with your question – post question only once.

2.4. Use ‘search” before posting.

Not allowed

3.1. Offensive language.

3.2. Calls for offense of law.

3.3. Posting calumniation.

3.4. Posting advertisement without administration agreements.

3.5. Posting erotic and porn contents or links to that contents.

3.6. Posting meaningless information.

3.7. Creating CAPS topics.

3.8. Creating topics without meaning.

3.9. Posting questions in topics which contain different subject.

3.10. Posting unverified information like facts.

3.11. Upping topics within 3 days.

3.12. Posting in closed/deleted topics.

3.13. Asking to message you by e-mail or icq (whatsup, telegram ant orhers).

3.14. Argue about administration in topics which not consider that subject.

3.15. Promulgating any unlicensed software or links to that software or services which promulgating that software.

3.16. Multi-registration by other logins.

3.17. Posting viruses or code’s parts of viruses.

3.18. Creating political or religion topics.

3.19. Intentional changing user’s reputation.

3.20. Users will be timely or permanently banned if violate that rules.


Administration has rights to

4.1. Change the following rules at any time.

4.2. Users can discus about administration in appropriate topics.

4.3. Administration acts within the following rules and common sense.


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